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Mobile Car Disclaimer

1. Deposit, Cancellations & Rescheduling:

- We require a $40 deposit on all bookings (per vehicle).

- This will go towards the total of your cleaning service.

- Deposit must be sent within 24 hours of scheduling appointment.

- The deposit is made through our website or through e-transfer:


a. Reason:

This is necessary to ensure our time is taken seriously and to minimize loss in our scheduling.


b. Refundable:

If you choose to cancel or reschedule MORE than 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled appointment. We will return the deposit within 24 hours via e-transfer.


c. Non-Refundable:

-If you cancel or reschedule WITHIN 48 hours of your scheduled appointment.

-If we arrive for your appointment, and for any reason, you decide you no longer want us to clean your vehicle. This would fall under cancellation within 48 hours.

-If we arrive, and your power outlet isn’t working. It is your responsibility to ensure the working condition of your outlets prior to our arrival.

-If we arrive, and your landlord/co-op manager refuses to allow us to work on your vehicle. It is your responsibility to arrange permission/approval prior to your appointment.


d. Exceptions:

Appointment is cancelled or rescheduled due to weather/unforeseen circumstances outside of our company’s control, which interferes with our ability to provide our service on your scheduled appointment day.



2. Damage Liability:

a. Bloom Nettoyage will not be held responsible for any damage we did not cause, that is discovered before, during or after we are working in and around your vehicle, including but not limited to: fabric deterioration, weakened stitching, tears, rips or scratches. It is our goal to assess the vehicle and document any damage prior to beginning our work, but in some cases, damage will be discovered during the cleaning process. In this case, the client will be notified of the damage that was found, and it will be documented for our records.


b. An example of discovering damage that was otherwise unknown to the client: cleaning/removing a salt stain, and during this process, it is discovered that the fabric beneath the salt has deteriorated. We are not liable for this damage that was hidden by the stain, regardless if the client was not aware of it prior.



3. Vehicles in Co-Op Neighbourhoods/Rental Properties:

Due to rules and regulations in some co-op/private neighbourhoods and/or rental properties, where it may or may not be permitted to service vehicles on their property:


a. Permission/approval MUST be granted from your landlord/co-op owners for our company to clean your vehicle on their property prior to your appointment. 


b. Please provide a letter of approval for our company to work on the property on the date of your appointment and/or contact information for your landlord/property owner to allow us to gain permission/approval.


c. If permission is not granted, we will not clean your vehicle on the property. In this case, we also will NOT work on the vehicle parked on the street. The only alternative would be to schedule your appointment at a friend/family home with a driveway/power outlet for us to use.



4. Pet Hair Surcharge & Full Disclosure:

As it requires extra time, tools and equipment to remove pet hair from vehicles, it is essential that we are notified of any pet hair in the vehicles AT TIME OF BOOKING. Our scheduling relies on this information to allow enough time to complete the vehicles and ensure we are on time for our next clients. It generally requires an extra 1-1.5 hours to complete vehicles with pet hair. The following requirements are in place:


a. At time of booking, please disclose if there is ANY pet hair in the vehicle. A $20-$30+tax surcharge will be added to your total at this time.


b. If we have not been previously notified of pet hair in the vehicle prior to your appointment, and upon arrival, we discover any pet hair in the vehicle, regardless of how much, a $40 surcharge will apply to your total bill. 

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